Release Notes


Released on 2024-05-18

New partner integration and Share of Voice Credit System

  • We added a new partner Integration with Sellerboard that enables profit and margin data in Dashboard
  • You can now purchase additional credits for Share of Voice keyword tracking


Released on 2024-04-21

Updates in Scheduling function

  • We added a new feature which gives you the possibility to boost your campaigns based on Organic and Paid rankings for certain keywords and products
  • We added new Sponsored Brands targetings to Discover
  • We improved speed of Scheduling adjustments to make them even more accurate
  • Improved the UI and usability of our account management page for multi account users
  • We improved the speed of our Discover export function
  • We added new filters our Dashboards
  • Fixed a bug that might lead to wrong subscription information in subscription settings


Released on 2024-03-12

Amazon Marketing Cloud Improvements

  • We added new chart types to our AMC Dashbaord for all DSP & Sponsored Ads clients
  • Improved accuracy of Path to Conversion statistics in the AMC Dashboard


Released on 2024-01-29

UI and feature improvemtns

  • We added a new partner Integration with Ventory One that enables campaign and product boosts based on stock levels and stock forecasts
  • We added the possibility to create Sponsored Brands Broad Keywords with Broad Match Modifier in Campaign Creation process
  • We Improved our Setup Survey for new clients
  • We added Share of Voice charts in Dashboard exports
  • Fixed an issue of poorly formatted sales and costs in data tables in dashboard exports
  • Fixed an issue with Sponsored Brands video creation in Campaign Creator
  • Fixed wrong German translations in Product Management section


Released on 2023-12-22

Add-on in Dashboard and some bug fixes

  • In Dashboard comparison tables, you now have the option to show absolute/relative comparison trend values and use neutral/colored colors for these trend values
  • The value formatting in Dashboard comparison tables was improved
  • Fixed a bug where when adding rows to the structure in Product Management via multi-select the product filters set were removed
  • Fixed a bug that the search for auto targets in Discover wasn't working correctly


Released on 2023-11-28

Release of new features for Scheduling and Dashboard

  • From now on, you have the possibility of running their Performance Schedules based on the main or the sub BSR and based on stock level (if you have VentoryOne connected)
  • You can now set a global target value for Dashboards that will be applied to all charts and sub-accounts (if you have any)
  • ROAS is now also available as target for automations set up in Product Management


Released on 2023-11-20

Export of PM ad group structure now available

  • In the Bulk Operations export file in Product Management, you will now also find an overview of the ad groups connected in the structure


Released on 2023-11-15

New KPIs now also available as filters in Discover

  • The new Discover KPIs ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and TOS IS (Top of Search Impression Share) are now also available in the filter


Released on 2023-11-08

It's all about ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

  • Now you have the possibility to set ROAS as target for your BidX automations or as requirement for individual rules
  • Added ROAS as new KPI to Discover for all ad types and levels


Released on 2023-10-25

Released User Permissions for our agency customers and one further multi-select operation in Discover

  • We are happy to announce that you now have the possibility to give different User Permissions to an agency user account: you can set viewing rights, editing rights or no access rights
  • You now have the possibility to make bulk bid adjustments in Discover based on the CPC (Cost per Click)
  • Fixed a bug where the RPC (Return per Click) was not correctly calculated in the Dashboard


Released on 2023-10-05

Implemented new multi-select option in Discover

  • In Discover, you now have the possibility to only select the entries on the current page or the next 100 entries


Released on 2023-09-26

Added new KPI to Discover

  • Added Top of Search Impression Share as new KPI to Discover for SP campaigns


Released on 2023-09-06

Implementation of Target Value in Dashboard Charts

  • You can now enter a target value for line and bar charts as well as score cards which is then displayed as a horizontal plot line inside the charts, by coloring the score card values, in the subtitles and as tooltips
  • Fixed a bug where text boxes in the Dashboard could not be configured and were not loaded properly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented archiving targets in discover via multi select


Released on 2023-08-16

Release of Two-factor authentication and BSR Scheduling

  • For more security, you can now enable an authentication method (Authenticator app and/or email) in the account settings of your BidX account
  • Now you have the possibility to boost your campaigns based on Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)
  • Fixed a bug displaying the CVR not correctly in the expanded view for SP campaigns in Discover
  • Fixed a bug which caused that the Dashboard couldn't be exportet for US accounts.


Released on 2023-07-28

Various new features, improvements, and fixes for our Dashboard

  • Released a new Dashboard chart type: Word Cloud
  • Added a new KPI to the Dashboard: RPC (Revenue per Click = Paid Sales / Clicks)
  • Released the functionality to duplicate a single chart (within the same dashboard) or a whole dashboard (within the same account)
  • Released a big Dashboard refactoring resulting in vast performance optimization
  • Improvement for our Agency customers: The User Switcher will now always be shown if you log in as an Admin or Account Manager – also when you switch to a User account. This enables quick user switching between all accounts
  • Fixed a bug displaying IDs instead of the agency accounts' brand names and email addresses on Agency Dashboards


Released on 2023-07-06

Implementation of ad groups for Sponsored Brands

  • Ad groups are now also available for Sponsored Brands in Discover


Released on 2023-06-30

Added tooltip with brand name to Product Management

  • When hovering over the country flag or marketplace in the "Create missing ad groups" modal the corresponding brand name is displayed. This will make it easier for you to distinguish between the different brands if you have more than one


Released on 2023-06-26

Improvement to Product Management and some bugfixes

  • To show a product as advertised in Product Management and to add further rows, SB and SDA campaigns are now checked as well in addition to SPA
  • Fixed a bug where when using the "Copy Dashboard" function and selecting more than one client to copy to the Dashboard was only copied to the first client selected
  • Fixed a bug displaying a wrong number of tags used in "Manage Tags"


Released on 2023-06-08

Several Add-ons to our Dashboard

  • For Scheduled Dasboard Exports you can now enter multiple emails to which the exports are automatically sent
  • You can now export tables on the Dashboard as an Excel
  • You can add a column to tables to compare the data with the data from the previous period or year


Released on 2023-05-31

Release of AMC Dashboard and update of Scheduling function

  • From now on you can request to get our new AMC Dashboard enabled for your BidX account – please feel free to just contact us if you are interested
  • With the Scheduling function you now have the possibility to boost the bids or the budget ONLY. For sure you still can also boost the combination


Released on 2023-05-22

Release of Exclude Periods in Adjustments function and small improvement of the search function in Product Management

  • Now you can exclude the performance data generated on certain events such as Black Friday or Prime Day from calculating the bid and structural adjustments so these are not considered
  • It is now also possible to search for a comma-separated list of KDP ASINs (10-digits number) in Product Management – so far this was only possible for "B0" ASINs


Released on 2023-05-07

Release of Dashboard Templates for Agency customers

  • It is now possible to create Dashboard templates that can be rolled out to all sub-accounts


Released on 2023-05-04

Release of Scheduling function and a small update in Discover

  • Our awesome Scheduling function is now live for all Enterprise and Agency customers and can be used to Boost and pause/activate campaigns on a schedule
  • From now on you can select the data range “Year to Date” in Discover to show all performance data from the beginning of the current year until today
  • Fixed a bug that third party password manager tools did not work on login form after an update from them


Released on 2023-04-21

Implementation of AI keyword suggestions and fix of the preview for Automations and Individual Rules

  • You are now able to generate AI keyword suggestions and add them to your campaigns directly via our 1-Click Setup
  • Fixed the preview in the Automation and Individual Rules modal that sometimes did not show the correct campaigns or ad groups on which the automation or rule is applied


Released on 2023-04-18

Release of Scheduled Dashboard Exports

  • You are now able to schedule Dashboard Exports that will be sent out automatically to you via mail on a weekly or a monthly basis


Released on 2023-03-28

Integration of Brazilian Marketplace and interface improvements of Manage Accounts

  • You can now advertise on the Brazilian marketplace using our tool. All features you already know are also available on this marketplace as well!
  • The interface of Manage Accounts (for Agencies) was improved: better overview for account creation as well as display of account type for each existing account


Released on 2023-03-02

Enabling the connection of the Selling Partner API for multiple Amazon entities

  • Now it is possible to select the Amazon entities for which you would like to set up the Selling Partner API connection as well as to connect it for further than one Amazon entity


Released on 2023-02-28

Integration of our BidX US affiliate program into the tool

  • All US customers can now directly apply for our BidX affiliate program directly via the tool – just click on "Recommend BidX" in your account's drop-down menu


Released on 2023-02-20

Improvement of the loading time in Product Management as well as of the Boost bulk import function

  • The products in Product Management are now loaded and displayed much faster, also for accounts with a very high number of products
  • The bulk upload of the Boost values in Discover is now only possible every 30 minutes per ad type to ensure the complete push of the new budgets and bids by Amazon before new values are set


Released on 2023-02-07

Implementation of portfolios for Sponsored Display Ads

  • Portfolios are now also available for Sponsored Display Ads in Discover


Released on 2023-02-02

Integration of Belgian Marketplace and minor change to our Boost functionality

  • You can now advertise on the Belgian marketplace using our tool. All features you already know are also available on this marketplace as well!
  • Campaigns can now be negatively boosted by a maximum of -50% (instead of -99%)


Released on 2023-01-17

Improvement of handling bid and budget restrictions given by Amazon

  • When editing bids and budgets in Discover the new values are now directly compared with the restrictions given by Amazon (depending on marketplace and currency) and handled if the values set are not valid


Released on 2023-01-13

Integration of Egyptian Marketplace

  • You can now advertise on the Egyptian marketplace using our tool. All features you already know are also available on this marketplace as well!


Released on 2022-12-22

Adjustment of the ACoS und Total ACoS calculation in Product Management

  • The performance data generated by the Sponsored Display Ads connected in the Structure view are now included into the calculation of the product's ACoS and Total ACoS as well


Released on 2022-11-22

Release of our new payment provider integration. We introduced our new way of handling your subscription in BidX

  • You can now book your subscription directly in BidX without being forwarded to an external page. Address, payment details, vouchers etc. are all handled via the tool interface
  • You can now download all your historic invoices directly via the tool interface
  • Our Agency and Enterprise clients can sign their contracts online directly and start right away without bureaucracy
  • Improved booking process of subscriptions and invoicing preview


Released on 2022-11-20

Added new Dashboard charts and improved user experience

  • We added the funnel chart, which gives you a nice and easy overview over your current sales funnel (Impressions > Clicks > Sales). You can apply all filters that you are used to already and add the Chart anywhere in your dashboards
  • We added new settings in your account settings where you can set the dashboard attribution time. Numbers in your dashboard will change according to this setting
  • We improved the Doughnut Charts. You can now limit the max. amount of visible pies and also decide whether the rest of the pies should be grouped by a pie called "Other" or just hidden. Additionally, "Focus" can now be selected as dimension


Released on 2022-11-08

Improved Discover page experience for SD and SB ad types

  • Added Boost functionality for SB and SD campaigns in Discover
  • Added Bulk Uploads for Boost values for SB and SD campaigns in Discover


Released on 2022-10-20

Release of our cross-ad type keyword management

  • You can now also connect Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display Ad campaigns in the structure in Product Management to include these in our keyword management. Keywords can now be transferred between campaigns with different advertising types
  • Added the possibility to select the ad type concerned for different functions in Product Management: Add row, Unselect ad groups, and Enable/Disable Auto Select


Released on 2022-10-18

Added new marketplaces to SD adjustments

  • We added new marketplaces (NL, MX, SE) to our automation of SD campaigns


Released on 2022-09-29

Various bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug, where we did not show proper target naming for SD campaigns in Discover
  • Fixed a bug where filtering for Active Automations in Discover could lead to very long loading times
  • Fixed wrong campaign names of SD campaign in Rule Log details


Released on 2022-09-18

New features in Product Management

  • Added "Enable/Disable Auto Select" to the multi-select in Product Management. You can now enable or disable auto select for multiple products, specific marketplaces and match types at once
  • Added "Add row" to the multi-select in Product Management. You can now add a further rows with a specific tag for multiple products and specific marketplaces at once


Released on 2022-09-04

New features in Discover

  • Added Excel Export for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns
  • Added Boost for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns
  • Added "New to Brands" metrics for Sponsored Brands campaigns


Released on 2022-08-07

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Improved several UI things for US clients on payment page
  • Improved loading times in 1-Click Setup
  • Improved margin calculation for customers who connected SP API
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to very long loading times in Dashboard for product table charts
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to wrong start dates on creating campaigns on FE marketplaces


Released on 2022-06-16

Big tool Update!

  • We replaced Amazon MWS API with Amazon SP API - This gives us access to total sales data for Amazon Vendors and also to more accurate data all over the tool
  • Added an all new user management with different roles (Administrators, Account Managers, Users) for our Agency partners
  • You can now advertise on the Saudi Arabian marketplace using our tool. All features you already know are also available on this marketplace as well!
  • Improved Budget Automation by recalculating left over budget every day depending on budget already spent throughout the month
  • Added filtering by Portfolios in Dashboard filters
  • Improved Setup process for new customers
  • Fixed a display error which could lead to messed up charts in Dashboard PDF exports
  • Fixed a bug which could show already existing SD targets in rule logs as newly created targets


Released on 2022-05-14

New layout in our tool

  • We added a new navbar design in our tool! All pages are now also available in Widescreen view to give you an even better and nicer UI


Released on 2022-03-22

Integration of Turkish Marketplace

  • You can now advertise on the Turkish marketplace using our tool. All features you already know are also available on this marketplace as well!


Released on 2022-03-04

Several bugfixes

  • Set USD as default currency for US clients
  • Fixed a bug which showed "Connect to Amazon" alert even if Amazon profiles were already connected
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to wrong budget distribution in Portfolios


Released on 2022-02-15

Added several improvements

  • Add a Dashboard filter to filter total sales by campaigns
  • Values for enabling/disabling campaigns via Heatmap in Scheduling are not set to ON by default
  • Improved payment process for US clients
  • Enable resetting boost values in Discover for more than 100 campaigns at once
  • Added Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaigns to Boost in Scheduling
  • Solved a bug which could auto select same ad group in multiple rows in Product Management


Released on 2022-01-28

New payment provider for US clients

  • We added a new payment service in our tool for our US clients. US clients now have the possibility to see their invoices and billing data directly in the tool


Released on 2022-01-14

New feature for automations

  • We added a new feature called "Automation Intensity" - This gives you the possibility to change the intensity of our Algorithm on setting new automations on Automation & Rules page
  • Improved loading times on Dashboard
  • Added a fix in Discover which could let to wrong currency conversions for customers from India


Released on 2022-01-12

Integration of Polish Marketplace

  • You can now advertise on the Polish marketplace using our tool. All features you already know are also available on this marketplace as well!


Released on 2022-01-10

New discover feature

  • You can now filter by tags in discover to see all metrics belonging to products that have been tagged with the filtered tag in product management.


Released on 2021-11-09

Budget automation improvements

  • We implemented new switches to our budget automation BETA which gives you the possibility to enable/disable budget distribution and bid optimization separately


Released on 2021-10-20

Budget automation improvements

  • Fixed a bug which could lead to wrong budget distributions for auto campaigns in budget automation.


Released on 2021-10-14

New dashboard features

  • We implemented amazing new features for agencies to improve the reporting of our Dashboard including bulk Dashboard exports, Exporting of multiple dashboards in one user account, multiple reporting mail addresses etc.


Released on 2021-09-27

Launching our new Budget Automation as BETA

  • We launched our new Budget Automation as a BETA you can apply for by contacting our support team. This feature enabled you to set monthly budgets for your campaigns which will be tried to reach without spending more than the monthly limit.


Released on 2021-08-30

New reset boost function in Discover

  • In Discover you can now select one ore multiple campaigns via Multiselect and reset their boost values to 0% while keeping boosted budgets and bids same.
  • Fix campaign creation in Product Management for Netherlands


Released on 2021-08-04

New feature for Automations

  • You can now choose your "Automation Strategy" on creating new Automation on Automation & Rules page. This enabled you to select whether our Automation should act more cautios or more dynamic.


Released on 2021-07-27

Enhancement in Product Management

  • Added a new filter for Total ACoS in Product Management


Released on 2021-07-14

Fixed issues on Dashboard

  • Added new help menus to Dashboard
  • Added 7 days moving average on Line Charts in Dashboard
  • Fixed sorting by query in Discover on Searchterm level
  • Fixed issues with wrong data fro Toal ACoS and Total RoAS


Released on 2021-07-08

New Translation function in Discover

  • In Discover you can now change single campaigns using Multiselect and translate chosen campaigns to other marketplaces. Campaigns will be copied to the selected matketplace, ad group structure and product ads will be copied to new marketplace as well and keywords will be translated using Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Fixed issues in Preview while creating new Automations
  • Fixed wrong currency conversion in Dashboard


Released on 2021-06-23

New Dashboard, new Account Settings page and much more

  • We launched our new and awesome Dashboard with incredible ways of customization, insights and ways to display your data
  • We improved our Account Settings and implemented a new and smart design
  • You can now unselect connected ad groups in Product Management via Multiselect
  • We implemented our „Product Picker“ and „Account Manager“ tools for agencies to give them more possibilities to select which products should be managed and to improve possibilities to create new accounts
  • Improved handling multiple advertisers in one account for agencies
  • We fixed a bug which caused logout of users after starting Discover Exports
  • Fixed a bug which showed wrong information in Automation preview on some cases


Released on 2021-04-21

News for KDP authors

  • KDP read and Estimated KENP royalties are now available for KDP Authors in BidX. We add them to our Sales statistics which is used in the tool frontend and for ACoS automation.


Released on 2021-04-19

Refactoring of Discover pages

  • We totally reworked our Discover page! On first sight you will not notice major design changes, but we enhanced performance by far. Further we added all features from Sponsored Product Ads also to Sponsored Brands and we added a new tab which contains your Sponsored Display Ads!


Released on 2021-02-04

New features in Product Management

  • Campaign / Ad group status in product management is now also avaailable for multiple rows - easily check the status of your connected ad groups even if you are using multiple focusses
  • One-Click-Setup now suggests ASINs for product targeting while setting up new Campaigns or adding new Targets


Released on 2021-01-18

Added support for Advertsing in Netherlands

  • You can now create and manage campaigns and create automations and rules using BidX for Amazon Advertising Netherlands.


Released on 2020-10-13

Clean-up function improved

  • We improved our clean-up function, which now also shifts ASINs in PAT ad groups as negative ASINs in auto campaigns


Released on 2020-09-25

Interactive layover added

  • You can now scroll through our help-videos directly in our app. We added a ribbon on the right side of the screen to show relevant tutorial videos. You can find all our tutorial videos on YouTube in English and German versions.


Released on 2020-09-17

Scheduling BETA published

  • With our Scheduling functionality you can automatically pause, enable and boost your campaigns and products by daytimes.
  • We offer Scheduling for one-time events, recurring time spans and even on a daily base split into 6 hour time-slots.
  • Scheduling is still in BETA and is being improved. Later we will add Scheduling based on product and campaign performance, such as BSR, Review ratings etc.


Released on 2020-09-03

Negative ASIN Targeting within the Keyword Management

  • Automations, where the keyword management is activated, now also create negative ASINs in auto ad groups, when shifting ASINs from the auto ad group to the corresponding product ad group.


Released on 2020-05-27

  • Marketplace and ASIN Selection in Dashboard: You can now select multiple Marketplaces and ASINs in Dashbaord to see their corresponding performance data in the chart and the boxes below.


Released on 2020-05-11

New amazing features in Discover

  • Multiselect: We added selecting and editing multiple entries at once in Discover for Sponsored Product Ads. This makes bid, budget or status changes much more easy and lightning fast!


Released on 2020-04-23

Added new features and fixed bugs

  • You can now select the columns in Discover to enhance clarity
  • Improved loading speed in Campaign creator in Discover
  • Improved usability while setting new focuses in product management
  • Refactored the import and export of rules and folders
  • Improved design of export file of Rule Log Details
  • Added new filters in product management
  • Added tags to Bulk Upload in Product Management
  • You can now enter values with two decimals in 1-Click Setup
  • Fixed a bug which showed wrong products in product management while searching for a tag


Released on 2020-01-27

Added negative keywords and targets in Discover

  • You can now see all your negative keywords and targets in Discover and enable, pause or archive them.
  • We implemented a syntax validation in One-Click Setup to make sure all your keywords are added correctly
  • Fixed wrong grouping in the Searchterm-Tab in Discover
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


Released on 2019-12-09

Added dynamic bidding and placement bids to 1-Click Setup

  • You can now enter bidding strategies and dynamic bidding values while setting up new campaign structures in our 1-Click Setup. You can set them individually for each selected match type so that they totally fit your needs.


Released on 2019-12-05

  • Improved search in Discover - Search function is now case insensitive
  • Improved search for existing tags while adding a tag to a product (PRO feature)
  • Changed behavior of ASINs in Clean-Up - we are now looking for keywords consisting of a single ASIN in your broad, phrase and exact ad groups and transfer them to you product ad group if it is connected


Released on 2019-11-29

Performance Improvements and design adjustments

  • Redesigned the individual rules modal and improved the UI and UX
  • Improved page speed of the rules page
  • Increased the limit of products to use at once while creating missing ad groups
  • Improved error handling
  • Implemented comma-separated search for ASINs in Product Management
  • Redesigned pricing page in the tool
  • Implemented dropdown navigation in the tool
  • Fixed a problem which caused ASIns being added to broad, phrase and exact ad groups in 1-Click Campaign creation
  • Fixed a bug in the campaign creation tool in Discover which did not show all SKUs for some customers


Released on 2019-10-18

Create missing ad groups in Product Management

  • To make it even easier for you to create campaigns, we added "Create Missing Ad groups". With this feature you can multiselect products in our Product Management and create multiple campaign structures at once. You can even add multiple selected SKUs to one single campaign. Created campaign structures are being connected to the corresponding products in Product Management automatically.


Released on 2019-09-24

Dynamic bidding and bidding strategies in Discover and Campaign Manager

  • Added Dynamic bidding and bidding strategies in Campaign Manager! You can now create campaigns with custom set dynamic bids and choose one of Amazon's bidding strategies.
  • Added expanded view in Discover in the Campaigns-tab, which shows you detailed insights of your performance data for each campaign capsuled by "Top of search", "Product detail page" and "Rest of search"


Released on 2019-09-03

  • Added Portfolios in Discover! As a new tab you can now see all your Portfolios in our Discover tab and you can navigate through them as you already know it from the other tabs in Discover.


Released on 2019-08-15

  • Fixed a problem which could lead to incorrectly saved applying to conditions or requirements after editing automations and individual rules.
  • Fixed a problem which caused incorrect VAT and Costs in Product Management (if Costs or VAT were set to 0) after uploading the bulk file.


Released on 2019-07-24

Improvements in Discover tab

  • Added the KPI conversion rate to discover. You can filter and sort by conversion rate and it is available for every tab in Discover.


Released on 2019-07-10

  • Design adjustments in rules view. This enabled you to easily see which rules are currently active or inactive.


Released on 2019-07-02

Prime Day is coming! Check out our new Boost function to increase bids and budgets with only one click.

  • The boost function allows you to increase the campaign budget, ad group default bids and all keyword bids within the campaign with only one click. As soon as the launch period or the prime day is over, you can simply deactivate the boost function and it will automatically decrease your current bids accordingly. You can choose from all values between -100% to 1000% to boost your campaigns.


Released on 2019-06-14

  • Now it is possible to make changes to your bids even during the 3 days attribution time frame amazon needs for validating the sales data. With this new implementation, you can e.g. increase the bid, if the keyword didn't get any impressions after one day to reach your targets faster. For all automations and individual rules without an "elapsed days"-requirement, the time frame remains 3 days.
  • Fixed a problem which caused time delays between the performance data shown in Seller central and in BidX.


Released on 2019-05-24

  • Undo recent adjustments: you can now undo recent adjustments made by the system. Find the rule log as usual and hit the little undo button on the right side. You can undo a whole day for individual marketplaces or single adjustments (navigate to the details page of a log)
  • The undo action can be performed for all changes that happened within the last 2 days


Released on 2019-05-08

Version 2 brings a lot of new features, including support for Amazon Product Attribute Targeting in our Automations, Export of Rule logs and even more.

  • Implementation of adjustments and keyword management for targets. This includes Product Attributed Targeting and Attributed Targeting Control.
  • Export our rule log and get detailed insights of what we adjusted for you at ease
  • Improved initial setup of your BidX Account. Get started even quicker!
  • Quickly set often used date ranges in your BidX Dashboard and the Discover page with the new Datepicker!
  • Added product pictures and product titles on hovering the SKU column in the SKU tab in Discover


Released on 2019-04-21

  • Improved some checkout and reactivation processes
  • Fixed a bug which showed wrong data for Targets in Discover on hovering


Released on 2019-04-16

  • Fixed a bug which showed wrong Target Performance Data in Discover for Sponsored Brands


Released on 2019-04-09

  • Optimization of the password reset process
  • Changed design of the tooltip when hovering over an ad group in the Structure view in the Product Management section which allows access to ad group details in Discover with one click
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to create ads and keywords for non advertised products for some versions of Safari


Released on 2019-04-03

Improvements in Product Management

  • When being connected with Amazon MWS we now hide all your inactive listings in Product Management by default
  • We added a new filter called "Product Status" to even show all your inactive or incomplete listings


Released on 2019-04-02

Discover Export Table

  • You can now export the SPA and SB tables in Discover into Excel files. Set start and end dates, set filters and/or search for something in the search field and hit the new "Export" button!


Released on 2019-04-01

Minor improvements in Product Management and Discover

  • Giving users the possibility to reactivate auto selection of corresponding ad groups after having disabled this
  • Fixed some frontend issues in Firefox for filters in Discover tab